Cofer Seguridad, a company approved by the Ministry of the Interior (D.G.S.E 3505), offers the most advanced means available in terms of security, alarms, video surveillance cameras, control of access points, GPS systems, etc.

Our personnel have been carefully selected and are highly qualified, and bilingual staff also available. Our security director and inspectors guarantee they display efficient working practices, friendly communication and responsibility in their posts. We are also very detailed in terms of corporate identification elements, which serve to aid their work: uniforms, the provision of vehicles, deterrent posters, etc.

Our main priority is concerned with ensuring excellence. This is borne out by our obtaining the ISO 9001 Quality Certificate.

Cofer Seguridad offers active surveillance in the strictest sense to highly developed applications. We have security personnel that patrol both inside and outside buildings, mobile patrols in large and open areas, a rapid response to emergencies, etc.

Additionally, we also have a consultancy department where advice is provided with respect to private security, security plans and/or evacuation.